Hardware and Software Acquisition Standards Policy

Hardware and Software Acquisition Standards Policy

Week 5 – Assignment: Create an IT Policy Management Framework



For this task, you will create IT policies based on the crafted framework.  These policies, standards, and procedures must be approved and published on company websites.  Some examples are available in the resources for this week.

As the CIO of a growing organization where each department has historically created its own policies and stored them locally in their own department, it is up to you to lead a team to establish the standards, policies, and procedures needed to support the enterprise operations. Continuing with the scenario from the week 4 assignment, the next step of the project is to write the policies, address the issues, audit findings, and make recommendations.

You are leading a task force charged with the development of a framework for the creation, storage, approval, modification, and removal of policies in a repository.  Your team has already created an IT Policy framework and now it’s time to document the IT policies and standards proposed to be implemented as part of the framework.  For this assignment, you will write the following policies:

  1. Acceptable Computer Use Policy
  2. Access Controls Standards Policy
  3. Information Technology Planning Policy
  4. Hardware and Software Acquisition Standards Policy
  5. Electronic Communications Policy (Email, Social Media, etc..)
  6. Data Governance Policy
  7. Electronic Signature Policy
  8. Change Management Policy
  9. Media Protection and Disposal Policy
  10. Security Awareness and Training Policy

This information should be written from a real-world professional perspective and not an academic perspective.

Length: 12-20 pages, not including title page and references or appendix.

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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