HCS 335 Week 3 Administrative Interview

Review the code of ethics or ethics code of conduct, mission, vision, and values of the organization you work for.

Select someone in a leadership position at your workplace or at a local health care facility (e.g., pharmacy, medical office, nursing home, or health and wellness office) to interview. It could be a supervisor, manager, director, etc.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary that discusses the following:

  • Identify the person you interviewed and their position within the company.
  • Discuss how the organizational expectations (i.e., code of ethics or ethics code of conduct, mission, vision, and values) impact their decision making.
  • Discuss how their decision impacts their colleagues and work environment.

Preview of the answer..

The person is interviewed at health alliance of Hudson valley is dr. schweppe who is managing director there; he also happens to be a board certified orthopedic surgeon and completed a fellowship in orthopedic trauma research at Columbia Presbyterian medical centre. He is currently specializing on treatment of sports injuries as well as total and partial knee and shoulder replacement surgery. He is also a graduate of the United States military academy at west point and also certified yoga instructor. Dr. Schweppe is the managing director at health alliance of Hudson valley (Hetico, 2010)…

APA 625 words

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