Health Belief Model

Health Belief Model

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The Health Belief Model was developed to describe why people failed to participate in programs to detect or prevent disease.” (Edelman, Kudzma & Mandle, 2014). A patient’s health is determined largely by his or her own behaviors and habits than any other factor. Nurses spend time educating patients, family and loved ones ranging from injury or illness which brought them to the hospital or any illness that occurred months back. Teaching patients is most important to nurses especially when it is serious or life changing. Nurses ensure the patient is well educated in the best way possible bearing in mind that each patient, family or loved ones disease process is different. Health belief Model (HBM) comes to play when all these is considered. The Health Belief Model has four aspects which dictates the person’s health related behavior by their perceptions of each.

  • The severity of a potential illness
  • The person’s susceptibility to that illness
  • The benefits of taking a preventative action, and
  • The barriers of taking that action.

There are also factors influencing learning process such as Clients’ readiness: before carrying out educational teaching, it is important for the nurse to assess how ready a client is to ascertain what influences the learning process. When a client is not ready to learn, there will be no compression of what was taught.

Environmental factors: A well-lit room, quiet environment will enhance a good learning process. A nurse should avoid using an area of distraction to educate the client.

Health status: Results of a good learning process will vary between a healthy person and an acutely ill client. Relaxed and emotionally ready clients education turns out to be more successful and accomplished.

Cultural awareness: cultural differences and language should be considered when educating a client. A common language between the nurse and the client means a better understanding and comprehension.

With the right education, the patient often times has the ability to change their medical situation. As previously discussed, the nurse needs to find out about what level the patient wants to learn, their thoughts about the situation they find themselves and most importantly their fears. It is important to consider and address each of the above mentioned aspects/factors in order to convince a patient to make changes in their life which will affect their health outcome positively. Most times as nurses we try hard to get to the level of the patients but no matter how much we try, if a patient is not willing to learn, they will never learn. When any of these factors is not addressed and is perceived as an issue in the mind of the patient, then the patient is not likely to make a change in their behavior. However, this is where the family member comes in, as they are constantly with the patient, they can continue to instill the teachings and eventually change the mind of the patient to learn and change for his/her health situation and the future. This is one of the most challenging aspects in the nurse patient relationship.


Edelman, C.L., Kudzma, E. C., & Mandle, C. L. (2014). Health Education. Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span (8 th ed.) (pp. 219) St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

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I believe participating in programs that teach about how to prevent or detect diseases is critical to every person. People’s health is mostly dependent on their behavior and eating habits. Most of the patients that visit the hospital suffer from preventable diseases (Grand Canyon University. 2011). The nurses, therefore, have a duty to teach them on how to prevent these disease as well as how to detect them early enough to receive treatment before they become chronic. However, people are ignorant and most never get ready to learn until when the disease is well advanced (Edelman, Kudzma & Mandle, 2014). Nurses should ensure that they provide the patient with an excellent learning environment such as a quiet well-lit room…….

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