Health literacy

Discussion question

Health Literacy

Our Discussion this week will focus on health literacy and its necessity for adults and children to lead healthy lives.

After visiting the KidsHealth from Nemours at, answer the next few questions.

Source: Kids Health: Nemours Foundation. Retrieved from:

What can be done if the parent is not health literate? How can parents get educated on important health topics?

What can you do to help a parent choose books that are health related and developmentally appropriate for their child?

Provide at least two titles of children’s books about health and nutrition, listing the title, the author and the subject and a brief description.

After viewing and visiting the Web Resources, provide at least three learning activities that will enhance children’s learning about nutrition and making health food choices. Discuss why these activities are appropriate and why you chose them.


Learning Journal

Learning is enhanced when you take time to reflect on the process. Please think about the various learning activities you engaged in during this unit. In the Journal tab at the top of the page, write one page summarizing the following:

Multiculturalism plays an important role in many schools today.

  • How can this be incorporated into everyday lessons related to health, safety, and nutrition?
  • How has your school (or your children’s school) incorporated multiculturalism into their lesson?

submit both as separate document

150 words each

1 reference each

APA formatting




preview of the answer..

Health education is a very important in effective and efficient parenting. This is because of the fact that parents are in apposition to provide their kids with different nutritional needs at different stages of growth. If a parent is health illiterate, he or she should be exposed to magazines and books which talk about healthy living. At the same time, parents should also access health websites where they will several aspects about their child’s health. Besides this, there are several books which parents should read in order to obtain health tips. These books include; “Effective patient education : a guide to increased adherence” by Donna R Falvo. This book discusses various ways through which parents can provide healthy foods to their kids in order to prevent certain diseases. The other book is “Behavioral medicine : international

267 words APA

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