Health and Wellness Evaluation: Background and Basics

Locate a peer-reviewed article in a scholarly journal that describes an evaluation of a health-related program and address the following:

  1. Identify the health program, its goals and objectives, and describe the setting in which the program was implemented.
  2. Discuss whether the author(s) of the evaluation report any prior evaluation(s) of the program.
  3. Identify the major evaluation questions and type(s) of evaluation conducted and reported in the article.
  4. Summarize the main findings of the evaluation in your own words.
  5. Based on the article, discuss whether you would consider implementing this program among a similar population. Provide a rationale, with reference to the article and data, to support your position.

Complete this assignment as a Word document. The paper should be approximately two pages in length, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font, using references to support your response.





preview of the answer..

School nutrition: A kid’s right to choose by David R. Just and Brian Wansink

            In order to improve healthy eating habits among kids, the Los Angeles education department decided to eliminate chicken nuggets and flavored which are kid’s longtime favorite delicacies. This act was intended to make kids’ healthier but ended up making the situation worse. This is because the kids ended up taking their lunch in school cafeterias where they were able to obtain their favorite meals which were unhealthy. To show how the situation has …

612  words APA

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