Healthcare System

Healthcare System


Identify dilemmas that threaten the future integrity of the U.S. healthcare system.

2. Discuss how strategic management can protect the integrity of a healthcare organization.

APA Style, 2 pages.


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Dilemmas that threaten the integrity of the Future of US healthcare system. Research has established that one-sixth of the U.S economic commitment is focused on the provision of health services (Leonhardt, 2009). Moreover, because the proportion of the aging population in the nation is continuously rising, the amount of economic burden as a result of the high rates of health issues attributed to an aging population. Therefore, the first identifiable dilemma that threatens the future of the US’ healthcare system is the potentially huge burden that would significantly strain the economy, or threaten the quality of the services offered. More evidence for the threat posed by the increasing burden of the health care system is the fact that the American population is increasingly being associated with various chronic health conditions such as obesity, cancer, and heart disease, all of which are quite expensive to manage, financially. Moreover, the provision of universal insurance coverage, with the enactment of the ACA, is an additional burden to the country’s economy. The health care system stands at high risk of being crippled in the future in case the universal insurance coverage is insufficient for the increasing client base………….

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