Help in 250 words. Chicago Style

Help in 250 words. Chicago Style

For this forum, you are to answer ONE the questions listed below.


Discuss what the most significant obstacles are for analysts in relation to OSINT.

How does OSINT ensure that decision-makers at all levels have the benefit of all sources of information? Give an example.

What is the difference between information and intelligence? Where does OSINT fit in?

Which reading this week did you find most interesting and important. What resonated with you? What are 2-3 key lessons learned from it?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Chicago Style

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chicago footnotes and bibliography

I see a requirement of what u learned this week. I have attached a recent discussion. also check the discussion u did few days ago

Answer Preview…………….

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is regarded in the intelligence community as a rich source of information that can be used for multiple purposes by different agencies. Intelligence analysts are responsible for processing the different quantity of data that are sourced from various media and web-based sources into an organized system that ensures the flow of information by separating the wanted from the unwanted ones. In spite of the many benefits that this intelligence gathering tool has and provides the analysts, the lack of subject matter expertise for some of this security professional is considered the primary source of challenge that would prevent their delivery of the advantages of OSINT deployment.[1]

As an essential member of the intelligence community, analysts are expected to

[1] Glassman, Michael, and Min Ju Kang. “Intelligence in the internet age: The emergence and evolution of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).” Computers in Human Behavior 28, no. 2 (2012): 673-682.


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