help in 250+ words Chicago Style

help in 250+ words Chicago Style

For this forum, you are to answer ONE of the questions listed below. Please
be courteous and succinct in your response. The goal is to extend the
conversation through your observations and experience. 250+ words Chicago


– What role has OSINT played as an instrument to both protect U.S.
activities and determine enemy strategies, culture, and vulnerabilities?
– If OSINT IS open source, discuss how Gibson says it can be discretely
– How have the goals, uses, and policies of OSINT evolved over the years?
– Information as a currency is a concepts that is evolving every day.
How do we place it in context of open source collection? Take a look at
this article by AMU Faculty member Erik Kleinsmith: “Fake News and Data
Mining: Mapping Today’s Media for Intel Analysis”
has the trajectory changed even in the last year regarding information
dissemination and reliability factors? What implications do you see for
open source collection? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.
– Which reading this week did you find most interesting and important.
What resonated with you? What are 2-3 key lessons learned from it?

chicago bibliography and footnotes. use a few sources

Answer Preview…………….

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the intelligence gathering tool that is used by the security community to obtain information from materials that are publicly available on the Internets, images, journals and conference materials, and geospatial information among others.  The evolution of the uses of OSINT by the intelligence community can be examined from its initial use for source analysis to become the advanced information………….

APA 374 words

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