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Please read first not a big assignment

For this discussion board you will be making decisions about how to handle a situation. Keep in mind that there is not one right answer. Your solution may involve multiple steps to reach resolution as well.

Select 2 of the following situations to discuss in your initial post. Be sure to use the code of conduct and any supportive documents like policies and procedures where you work to support your response.

  • When you head out of the classroom for a break, you overhear two classroom teachers talking about a student in a negative, unprofessional way. How do you handle this situation?
  • A parent expresses grievances to you about another teacher. He/she discusses the way the other teacher dresses and wears his/her hair. The concerns are based on gossip and are not related to the teacher’s performance. What will you do in the moment and what will you do later about this incident?
  • You work in a center where children must be able to use the potty before they are moved to the three-year-old room. As someone who understands development, you know that a child’s cognitive ability is not related to the ability to control body functions and that some children do not fully master toileting until they are into the threes. How do you address your concerns about this situation?
  • A student in your class has parents going through a bad divorce. Although this is a shared custody situation, both parents make negative comments to you about the other and you have head the child acting out with mean words and aggression. What is your plan of action? need a half of page about 300 words


Reflective practice is at the heart of true growth as a professional. Your initial post should be a reflection on  the knowledge that you have gained over the past . You will want to share three concepts that you have learned or strengthened and how you will incorporate this information into your current or future career. about 200 words,

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