Help Desk operations

Help Desk operations

Processes and Problem Resolution

Service level agreements (SLAs) need to be established so that customers and the help desk both know what is expected of them. You are working with your management team and the customers to establish appropriate SLAs and to determine which metrics will be used to measure and report the service levels. Based on these metrics, the results will determine if you get bonuses or penalties, or even keep their business.

To help facilitate the discussion and educate the Help Desk staff provide feedback for the following:

  • Define service level and service level agreement.
  • What kinds of metrics will you measure?
  • Which ones will keep your customer happy?
  • Which ones will keep your help desk analysts happy?
  • Which metric has the best chance of success and customer satisfaction?


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Service levels refer to the metrics used in the evaluation of a particular service. It is applied in service-based industries thus providing the expectations of quality and service types and remedies for failure to meet the requirements. A service level agreement (SLA) refers to a contract entered by a service provider and the user of service clearly defining the level of service expected from the service provider. SLAs are based on the output, and their purpose………………..

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