Help with Discussion

Help with Discussion

Reply to Initial Discussion post with 200 words minimum with at least 2 in-text citations. One reference from the textbook and one journal article using APA about law

 law law enforcement
250 words
ref book give and journal and cite
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Corruption in the Police Department

Each profession develops their jargon with the police, not an exception. The police force in the United States possesses a high profile as well receive praise and condemnation on almost equal measures. Corrupt officials exist in the police department and can be divided into two, the meat eaters and the grass eaters. Meat eaters are police officers who engage in aggressive misuse of police powers for personal gain whereas grass eaters are police officers who do not necessarily solicit graft but would accept it when offered (Roth, 2010). Both use their powers, albeit the meat eaters aggressively. The society is more receptive to the grass eaters than the meat eaters because of the issue of aggression………….

APA 307 words

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