Herodotus Histories

Herodotus Histories


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Herodotus histories are very different from the ordinary historical accounts written by the other authors. In the reading, the many events taking place make these histories overwhelming. In standard historical texts, the writers separate their stories in different chapters or sections to make it easier for the readers to differentiate and understand them. However, this is not the case in Herodotus account where the narratives change suddenly, thereby confusing the readers. In the beginning, Herodotus describes the origin of the feud between the barbarians and Greeks during the 5th century BCE. In the narrative, he says that the conflict began when the Phoenicians captured Greek women and sailed with them to Egypt. The Greeks retaliated to these events by landing at Tyre, which was located on the Phoenician coast and left with the king’s daughter. While reading the story on the emergence of the feud between the Phoenicians and Greeks, the story changes its theme and we find ourselves reading about nudity in the Lydian king Gyges story. The manner in which Herodotus tells this narrative is different from the standard historical accounts that are usually written in the third persona. Here, he uses direct……………….

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