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Answer the question in essay form on the information provided.

Essay Guidelines

  1. Essays must be approximately 600-700 words, and will be graded on content, style, organization, clarity of expression, and grammatical correctness.
  2. Your essay must be in MS Word format.
  3. Your essay must be submitted to the Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. (NST) on Sunday, June 19.
  4. Please consult Grading Symbols in Module 1: How to Write an Essay. It is designed to assist you with your writing by documenting common errors found in student essays. In addition, the Grading Symbols section of Module 1 provides comprehensive explanations of my marking shorthand.
  5. Please consult the essay Outline as well as the document on Essay Revision in Module 1.
  6. Your essay must follow MLA formatting guidelines.
  7. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are not acceptable. Use a dictionary and a writer’s handbook (or online equivalent like OWL Purdue).
  8. You must provide specific examples and evidence from the text to support your argument.
  9. When quoting from the text, you must present the quotation exactly as it appears in the story. You must place the exact quotation you have taken from Chopin’s story within quotation marks and add the proper MLA in-text citation, placed within brackets, immediately after your quotation: For example: The doctors were wrong in their diagnosis that Louise Mallard “died of heart disease-of joy that kills” (Chopin pg#). Please note: there is always one space between the end quotation mark and the first bracket.
  10. Remember that the consequences of plagiarism are serious.

preview of the answer..

Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants” is a short story about an American and his female companion named Jig. They were both at a railway station in Zaragoza, Spain waiting for the Barcelona-to Madrid train  While waiting for their train to arrive, they both decided to have try out a new drink as part of their adventure that had taken them to several places. The man ordered a new drink named anis del toro which to his surprise had a bitter taste according to her. Jig’s remarks about the drink tasting like licorice ignited another round of arguments between which made the American to introduce the first talking..

APA 636 words

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