Historical Events of the United States

Historical Events of the United States


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Jefferson and Hamilton. Jefferson and Hamilton were two gentlemen who were thought to bring vision about how the people could achieve greatness. However, they had different ideas on how this would be accomplished. An example of these different ideas is that Hamilton believed that believed that the success of America’s economy laid in its industrial potential while Jefferson thought that agricultural productivity was the one that would steer America’s economy upwards. Jefferson had a lot of faith that American’s could shape policy by advocating for States’ rights. This is unlike Hamilton who championed for centralized power. Their different visions and ideas made them receive support from various groups in America. This led them to form political parties with Jefferson developing the Republican Party and Hamilton forming the Federalists party. In my opinion, Hamilton had the right vision that would see the development of America. This is because he had the foresight of seeing America emerge not only economically, but also as………

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