***For Document Analysis #2, choose EITHER Document 5 OR Documents 6 &7.
For Document 5, write a short paragraph that summarizes in your own words the author

and audience; a 2nd paragraph that summarizes some of the key reasons he puts forth; then a 3rd paragraph in which you explain how persuasive these arguments are—which ones are strongest, which weakest, and why. This last paragraph is the most important—it shows your views.

For Documents 6-7, write a short paragraph for each in which you summarize the information that it contains (note: there is not really an author or audience for this one). Then write a lengthier 3rd paragraph in which you explain what some of the differences between the two passenger lists might tell us about those people or about the types of societies that each group of people was entering.

that’s all what i need

preview of the answer..

The writer of this document Richard Hakluyt is a protestant minister and scholar. He wrote the document in an attempt to convince Queen Elizabeth 1, queen of England to establish colonies in America. E audience generally was the Queen and her council, which was, essentially, the government of England at that time.

Hakluyt was very convinced that the idea of establishing a colony in America was a viable one. He argued that English settlement in the Americas would help to rescue it and its inhabitants from the influence of Catholics and tyrannical rule. He supposed that the British …

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