History of American Working Class Movements

History of American Working Class Movements

What is to be done? Reflecting on what you have learned in this class, write a memorandum to a specific leader or set of leaders in the contemporary U.S. labor movement (broadly defined). Make the case for a specific set of strategies and actions that you believe will improve the social and economic conditions of working people and address their most significant concerns. An excellent essay will suggest ethicallygrounded actions that leaders might plausibly consider, draw on concrete historical examples, and reflect your own opinion and ideals.

Your essay should be roughly 6 double-spaced pages. An excellent essay uses specific evidence drawn from assigned readings and lectures, is well-organized, makes a coherent argument supported by evidence, and engages with the historical significance of your chosen topic. An excellent essay makes an effort to consider the whole chronological range of topics covered in the class. An excellent essay also has a title that captures the essay’s argument in a few words. 

union labor  american workers movement class description 6 pages, Double Spacing book Nelson Lichtenstein State of the Union A Century of American Labor Princeton University Press 2013 be sure to get updated edition required Lane Windha
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President Trump recently claimed that unemployment numbers in the United States are at its lowest in the past decade, which he considered as the outcome of his Make America Great Again economic policies. Although the debate over whether the figures that are provided by the administration are reflective of the real situation in the country is for public commentators or not, the failure of the government to develop and implement coherent economic policies is the …………

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