History of culture

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In answering the following essay question, you should rely most heavily on the course text book, but you may also reference class lectures and personal experience. Present your answer in clear, concise, and non-repetitive language.

While an excellent answer always lives by its own rules, in general, your response to the question should be at least 6 paragraphs in length. The exam should be typed, double-spaced (New Times Roman, 12pt font).


Those who write about various aspects of the humanities frequently suggest that every era or age within the history of a culture has a distinctive general outlook or dominant perspective (often referred to with the term “zeitgeist”) that powerfully shapes creative activity. First, please select at least four (4) artistic productions (i.e., a painting, statue, play, etc.) – each of the four from a different time period – covered in the textbook and explain in detail how they represent the fundamental “spirit of the time” (direct translation of the German term zeitgeist) in which they were created? In other words, how do they capture and express selected generations’ views of “the way it is”? Next, please give an example of a work of art that you feel well exemplifies the zeitgeist of our own time and the ways of the world we presently inhabit. What crucial aspects of worldview (values, ethics, expectations, goals in life, etc.) does it emphasize? Why are these deemed important?

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