History Since 1865

History Since 1865

Question 1 (300 words): In modern American culture we encounter history in a wide variety of ways. We see it in memes like the ones above. Many people associate it with the History Channel even though their programming seems to focus a good bit more on things like “swamp people” than on anything you might call history. And we hear it mentioned quite often in by elected officials and those seeking election to office.

In this discussion, I’d like to hear your thoughts about the place of history in American culture and society. Do you think that Americans value knowledge of the past and informed consideration of it? Why or why not?

Question 2 (300 words): For this discussion, carefully read the first of the two Voices of Freedom primary sources on page 660 of the Give Me Liberty! textbook. (This week we’re only looking at the one source.) This source presented here is text from one of Franklin Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats, radio addresses that he broadcast to the whole nation. In your response, explain how you think he defines liberty and the role that government should play in securing it for the American people. In addition, spell out how you see these ideas fitting with FDR’s New Deal programs during the Depression Era.

In your response you should use evidence from the primary sources to prove your point. Typically this requires a three-step process of making your assertions about the issue, giving the reader evidence that proves your point (usually by providing a brief quotation from the text), and then fully explaining to the reader why the evidence proves your point.

Note: Please don’t forger to do citation… Thanks you!



“History”  “since 1865”

Answer Preview…………….

As you have stated, Roosevelt’s definition of liberty begins with providing job security for each household. He understands that financial instability in a family is the cause of almost all problems. It is true that Roosevelt insists that workers do not need exposure to unfavorable terms…………………

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