HIV and AIDs

HIV and AIDs

Submit a short paragraph (5-10 sentences) and list 4 resources 1 Medical Journal and from 3 established and credible websites that you will obtain information from about HIV that you have chose to research and why you are choosing it. Is this a well-known disease or one that is rare?

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is probably the most recent infectious agent that has acclaimed vast behavioral-type pandemic in the history of humankind. The disease is sexually transmitted and is caused by a retrovirus that is highly variable, and efforts to produce a cure or an effective vaccine has been elusive over the past decades (Heesterbeek et al., 2015). The disease prevalence is worldwide, and affect people of races, age, and genders, and its impact is wrecking the world’s economy, health, and social stability (Owusu-Edusei et al., 2013). HIV is a well-known disease, and its causative agent well characterized and the sequences deposited in public databases. Nevertheless, there is currently no drug that can heal this viral infection (Higa,….

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