HIV/AIDS Environment

HIV/AIDS Environment

Grading Rubric must be followed

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Select at least two peer-reviewed articles about your chosen toxin to read carefully. Craft a 3–4-page analysis of the toxin’s impact on human health based on what you have learned. Address the following in your analysis:

  • Highlight the main points presented in the articles you read. What message are the authors trying to convey about that toxin?
  • Describe the possible sources of human exposure to this toxin and analyze their risk.
  • Analyze what happens when this toxin enters the environment.
  • Analyze the persistency of this toxin.
  • Analyze the federal government’s recommendations for protecting human health from this toxin.
  • Describe what other sources of information say about these toxins.
    • Identify any discrepancies you found in your research.
    • If the authors have different perspectives, how might these differing views affect environmental health?


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HIV/AIDS is known to affect the human body through the destruction of the CD4+ cells that are critical in the maintenance of a strong immune system. The analysis of the effect of the virus leads to weakening of the immune system ad this leads to the attack of other infections such as the common cold. The gradual wakening of the body defenses is experienced once the virus enters the body and interrupts the functioning of the body. The attack on the body differs from one person to the other depending on their age and their health. It leads to the need to focus on the different measures of treatment that help in the management of the CD4+ cells and the management of the virus. The replication of the virus in the body is fast, and this means the focus on the treatment measures will help in the reduction of the risks and the analysis of the role of the medication in fighting the opportunistic infections………

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