Honesty versus Withholding Information on Patients’ Illnesses

Honesty versus Withholding Information on Patients’ Illnesses

Student______________________________ Faculty _____________________

Total Points_________

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the paper:

The student:

__ / 5 pts: introduced the topic and purpose of the paper in a clear, complete and logical manner; in < ½ page

__/10 pts: selected case study/ethical issue that is significant and relevant to patient care and/or nursing practice.

__/10 pts: used current, evidence-based literature (a minimum of 6 references from relevant, peer reviewed journals and/or text books – at least 5 from sources outside course text)

__/15 pts: summarized data in a clear, logical and organized manner

__/20 pts: delineated relevant health care issues that impact the ethical issue within the context of current professional/political and /or financial situation

__/20 pts: implementation of a method of ethical analysis used, possible solution/outcome alternatives, and resolution / plan of care (what action or alternative did you choose and why). May include your opinion on the topic, however, balanced arguments are required.

__/10 pts: conclusion clearly summarized relevant points of paper; provided adequate closure to topic

__/ 5 pts: submitted a 8-10 page typed paper (not including title page or reference pages) that is neat with no major spelling errors (1 inch margins; double spaced). No abstract is needed.

__/ 5 pts: strictly adhered to APA guidelines, including a complete reference list with < 2 minor errors evident (e.g., incorrect punctuation in citation)

General grading details:

Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are expected. Multiple errors will SUBSTANTIALLY affect your grad on the paper. Only submissions reflecting graduate level work will receive a grade of B or above. University policy on academic honesty will be followed when grading all assignments for this course.

It is each students responsibility to review this policy located on the website

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Aveda Institute New York bookmark Ethics Nursing

so this is a the guidelines and how she wants us to present it – attached word file

3 hours ago

Im a nursing student so with that in mind you an pick a nursing related ethical issue


we looking at about 10 pages plus the cover sheet and references



sample that you may get the idea.  friend ahead wrote on this and got all full points –  sample attached in zip folder

Answer preview…………………….

apa 3415 words

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