Hong Kong Film

Hong Kong Film

Please answer the questions based on the readings and movies mentioned. In the answer, you need to:

No need to write an introduction and a conclusion.
Need to mention at least two scenes to illustrate your argument.

Need to have the correct information of characters’ names, film titles, and authors’ names.

Here are the questions:


Police Story (14 pts)
From Stefan, Lea, Tim, Tara, Sam, Austin: Compare Jackie Chan’s character in 
Police Story and Tequila (played by Chow Yun-fat) in Hard-Boiled. Areas that you can focus on are: their sense of justice and faith in the police force; their relationships with women and superiors; their choices of weapons; fight scenes.

From Tiffany and Anna: In Shu’s reading, Jackie Chan said American movies use too much special effect and American heroes are never scared. Jackie Chan said “but I’m not a superhero, I’m a real human being”. How does Jackie Chan’s views of himself as a kung fu actor affect your perception of his character in 
Police Story? Are there any similarities in personality?

Kung Fu Hustle (14 pts)
From Melis: Dumas (2009) does not highly regard 
Kung Fu Hustle (2004), explain why. In what way(s) is humor used differently in Police Story and Kung Fu Hustle?

From Melisa: Dumas (2009) states that “
Kung Fu Hustle vigilantly adheres to Western constructions of kung fu as the embodiment of the vengefulness, animalism, mystery, and unmitigated hypermasculinity.” Exemplify two of these descriptions (vengefulness, animalism, mystery, hypermasculinity) from the film.


The Grandmaster (12 pts)
Wong Kar-wai made 
The Grandmaster to preserve different schools of kung fu. How did he achieve this? If he used the film medium to preserve memory, how do his characters in Days of Being Wild,In the Mood for Love, and 2046 preserve their memories? Pick one character and discuss.

6. Kung fu films are nationalist in nature. How does Ip Man show his nationalism? Do Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow show their nationalist stance in Police Story and Kung Fu Hustle too? If yes, which scenes show this? If no, then what are they fighting for?

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Answer preview…………….

Compare Jackie Chan’s characters to Tequila

Police Story is arguably Jackie Chan’s greatest film and this is seen in the characters that he presents in the film and the construction of the fight scenes that are evident in the film. The setting and plot of both films are similar and so are the main characters. Although the characters differ in some aspects, the two films present the main characters as having a flawed sense of justice. The main characters who are police inspectors favor taking things into their own hands as opposed to following the laid down procedures of the justice system……

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