Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

1. Evaluate the use of electronic locks in hospitality operations. Be certain to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages.

2. You have been retained as a facilities management consultant for Magic Mountain Resort Lodge and Spa located in the town of Estes Park. Recently the property experienced a kitchen mishap during which meat scraps were disposed of improperly. This action caused a wastewater back up into one of the resort’s condo units located in an adjacent building and resulted in serious damage to the condo unit, as well as destruction of personal property belonging to guests who were staying in the condo. The resort owner does not want to accept responsibility for the flood, but the guests who were flooded out of their condo have asked for an explanation. Note: This same unit had been affected by a wastewater flood from the resort’s spa two years earlier. What advice would you give the owner and what information would you provide the resort guests? Explain in detail.

about 500 words total

some refs and cite


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Electronic locks are the new standard of securing rooms in the hotel industry. The locks are unlike the manual conventional locks because they work by use of electric currents to lock or unlock the doors to rooms. In some cases the electronic locks have their electronic control fixed on the individual locks. However, in some cases, the locks are usually networked to a centralized control system that is monitored at one control station. The types of locks are advancing with developments in the information technology systems in the current information age. Currently in major hotels, the electronic locks have replaced the manual locks because of their efficiency. Therefore, it is important to know how they work in the hotel industry and also examine their strengths and weaknesses..

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