How Courts cope with the transition of power in States

How Courts cope with the transition of power in States

The objective of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of factors that should be considered in policy development to ensure that legal requirements are met and that best practices in management are applied to court management, specifically. Write an essay of 3–4 pages in which you consider the following questions:

  • How does a court system cope with a “changing of the guard” when a new administration is elected and key executives and managers are replaced, and/or when policy changes direction as a new political party assumes power?
  • How does a new legal interpretation resulting from a court’s decision on an existing law related to court procedures, and how does the passage of a new law affect court administration?
  • What kinds of management best practices would you, as a court administrator, implement to ensure appropriate levels of continuity, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness when significant changes occur that impact the court system?

Your response to these questions should focus on either the federal courts or a state court system of your choosing to limit the scope of your essay

3-4 page


Answer Preview……………..

In any democratic country, the general elections are commonly held to allow the public to exercise their right of electing leaders of their choice. In the United States of America, elections are held after every four years. Apparently, when elections are done, new administrations in respective city-states are ushered in. This means that the majority of the executives at federal and State level are replaced. As such, the Federal and the State Court systems have to come up with strategies on how to cope with the new regulations and rules brought by the new administrations…………….


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