How did LEGO get to the crisis point in 2003?

LEGO Group Case Questions

Read:Innovation at the LEGO Group (A) (pgs. 4 – 15)

Submit answers the following questions.Your answers may be in either paragraph or bullet point format and should reflect that you have read and thought about the case.

  • How did LEGO get to the crisis point in 2003?Specifically include the following:
    • What was happening in the industry?
    • What did they do wrong internally?
  • The “Shared Vision” plan had three steps.Analyze the first step, “Stabilize for Survival”.Identify the actions and analyze the risks and benefits of each action taken.

number of pages doesn’t matter as long as the qusitions are fully answerd

case study is attached



2 pages, Double Spacing efwfrr management of tech


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