how does reading #1 affect what you notice or understand about reading #2?

Barthelme’s Critique of American Justice

Final draft: 5 full pages, double-spaced

(Please note: “Full page” means to the bottom of the page.)

Readings: Your choice of one poem and one other text that we’ve read so far. You may choose two poems or one poem and one short story that we’ve read.

For your first paper, you used various readings to think about a particular issue (conformity and rebellion). For your second paper I’d like you to bring two readings together in a different way. I’d like you to explore how one reading shapes your understanding of the second reading. In other words, how does reading #1 affect what you notice or understand about reading #2?

Some questions you might ask yourself include: Does one reading introduce ideas that help to explain what happens in the other reading? Does reading #1 lead you to question the claims (implicit or explicit) being made by the author of reading #2? What does one text reveal about the other text? This is a very particular way of dealing with two texts and is different from the more general assignment for Paper #1.

This assignment is meant to prepare you for essays #3, which will ask you to apply research to our readings. The strategy of “applying one text to another” is a basic move of research-driven papers in many fields of study, and is a way of thinking about readings that helps you to produce new insights of your own.


Subject:  Masters English


I have to send you readings. these are the two readings that the paper should be based on!  –  the_parable_of_the_prodigal_son, and some_of_us_had_been_threatening_our_friend_colby




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