How might decision-making by leaders in this crisis have been affected by the human limitations

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First Discussion Question

Think about a company that had to make difficult decisions that affected employees during the Covid-19 crisis. How might decision-making by leaders in this crisis have been affected by the human limitations discussed in both Chapter 6 and Dan Ariely’s Ted Talk “Are we really in control of our decisions?” What seemed to go well, and what could have been improved in terms of that company’s decision making? What steps can managers take in the future when making impactful decisions in a hurry to ensure an optimal outcome?

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Almost every company was affected by the Covid-19 crises. It is inevitable that we make mistakes and that consequences whether good or bad will come from it. Dan Ariely’s Ted Talk reinforced that idea for me and gave me some own perceptive on the idea of how much of our decisions are truly ours. Based on the way a situation or question is formed or asked can determine our choice. When the pandemic first hit, I feel a lot of people did not think it was going to get that serious and their decision to take precautions were low on their list-to-do. Many of the decisions that were made were reactive and not proactive. Some managers thought was that it wasn’t directly affecting them so it would all be okay. A lot of companies would have tried to stay open, but state mandates made it difficult even if the individual company was prepared. Once restaurants were allowed to open there were a lot of restrictions on what could happen and if those weren’t meet then they couldn’t stay open. Some restaurants, Dominos, for example, are still not allowing customers inside their store. The customers either have it delivered or pick up, which they have to wait outside to have a staff member bring it to the customer. That seems to go well from what I have seen. The restrictions could make it so hard and sometimes confusing that the store thought it would be safer and ultimately easier if they just said no to customers inside. This was a very over the night decision and might have caught a lot of customers off guard. However, it was a decision that needed to be made.

Managers must have the most amount of information that they can gather to make the most rational decision. If a company makes a bad decision it can set the organization back for a while or worse having to close. Having others involved can be very beneficial in the decision making process in terms of having many different perspectives on the issue. Including more people allows the manager to gather more information to assist with making an optimal decision.


Second Discussion Question

Imagine that you have been assigned to lead a work project with five other employees, none of whom have met in person before, and some of whom come from different countries. You are all working remotely from home. What factors might post challenges to your team’s success? How could you design the team experience to overcome those obstacles? To what extent would team cohesion improve your team’s performance on this project? What actions would you recommend to build team cohesion among team members in this situation?


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Meeting for the first time especially over zoom takes an adjustment period before the flow of things begins to pick up. The biggest problems that this team would encounter are communication barriers, the individual’s specific role, and no social cues. Initially, I would have the group meet for an ice breaker. There would be no work being discussed at the virtual meeting. The individuals will have a chance to become familiar with each other. Forming relationships is crucial to the success of the group, if members can feel comfortable around the others then it will be beneficial overall. Also, members must know what their specific role is. Everyone has a job to do and it is conducive to the group if everyone knows the expectations. Social cues are not as easy to spot virtual, so cameras must be used so people have faces they can interact with. Team cohesion is an underrated factor in a lot of situations, but it is not. If a member is not comfortable with the others around them, then they might hold back on information that could be useful. A virtual meeting is difficult enough but accompanied by everyone coming from different places and not meeting before, team cohesion is more important than ever. I would ensure that the members who were chosen have good people skills and easy to get along with. However, I would begin the conversation and ensure each member is getting a chance to speak which helps the initial part of not knowing everyone.


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Chapter 6 Video: Are We In Control of Our Decisions?

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