HP and Autonomy, report

HP and Autonomy, report

Hi, this is the report that we need to submit soon, so I want it to be done by this Wed.

We chose HP, and especially we want to talk about Autonomy.



I added two sources and pictures that I found and made, and of course you can use more! (one of the pic I uploaded is stock price changes)

Most of the things you need to cover is in “team project _2017 Fall” file that I attached.

and we need the reference page also! many references, include all sources were u get data and information from

Include images of data and graphs where needed and caption and cite them

use subheadings derived from the attached outline part of the instructions file.

Submit your final outline too with your paper

 research  report  HP Autonomy
description 10 pages, Double Spacing

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APA 2860 words