Human Resource Management In Sport

Big Assignment

HR Binder – Each student will submit a major project that addresses a particular HR issue of interest to the student. The binder will consist of 6 sources of information (articles, research pieces, internet, etc.); a summary of the topic that reflects the student’s own thoughts, opinions and/ or recommendations.

Each summary, double space and no more than three pages. Include: summary of topic/ application to sport managers (issues & actions)/ student personal response/ copies of the eight articles.



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A sports club is a complex organization made up of different individuals playing different roles designed to help the team become more successful by winning more trophies and living up to the expectations of the fans. As sports clubs win more trophies and grow in complexity and structure, the challenges in management grow in similar or greater proportions. For a successful endeavour, the management team should consist of individuals who are aware of the human resource issues and who have an informed understanding of the employment laws…

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