Human Service Ethics

Human Service Ethics

reflection on human service ethics

Compose a paper of two (2) pages double spaced, approximately 500 words and discuss all of the following below:

  • The changes that occurred in your views of human service ethics topics throughout each module. In which module(s) did you notice the most change? The least? Why do you think this is? Be sure to reference the self-inventory activities.
  • New concepts and new information about human services ethics that you were previously unaware of.
  • The importance of ethical codes in human services, both on as a separate field and compared to other fields.

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Human  service ethics book Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

Module 1:


Week 1
May 7 – 13
  • Introduction to Personal Ethics: Chapter 1
  • MindTap:
Module 2:

Personal Values, Multicultural and Diversity Issues

Weeks 2-5
May 14 – June 10
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics: Chapters 2, 3, and 4
  • MindTap:
    • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey: Chapter 2
    • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey: Chapter 3
    • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey: Chapter 4
    • Ethics in Action Videos:
      • Dealing with Anger: A Protective Brother
      • Giving Advice: Taking Charge
      • Family Values: The Divorce
      • Counselor Disapproval: Coming Out
      • Challenging the Counseling: Culture Clash
      • Multicultural Issues: Seeking More From Life
Module 3:

Ethical and Legal Issues

Weeks 6-8
June 11 – July 1
  • Introd
Module 4:

Professional Competence and Training

Weeks 9-12
July 2 – 29
Module 5:

Ethical Issues with Couples, Families, Groups, and Communities

Weeks 13-14
July 30 – August 12
Module 6:

Reflecting on Ethics

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these were the modules

Answer preview…………

Ethics on social values and attitudes have changed considerably and continues to change. The change includes how humans use their increasing leisure time as well as the view of authority. The changes in social values have witnessed an increase in human rights as well as the animal rights whereby human rights movements are continuously growing and greater awareness on what the rights are and how they can be used (Corey, Corey, & Callanan, 2007). The smallest populations are witnessing a significant variation in the social ethics as well as the cultural views thus making it difficult for one to reflect on all the views of the society with a significant decision to be made……..

 APA 575 words

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