I have homework

I have homework

Here the Example do same this  format in second word file  please ( I highlighted the part place  in second word  (the green is gray ))  like this

6      Project Communications Management

6.1  Description

The following grid is to serve as a starting point for common communication deliverables from those on the project management team. As you can see, there are several reoccurring points of contact to ensure constant communication with the client, and key audiences (including client sponsors).  This grid is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather, a snapshot of key communication items that, at the very minimum, should be considered and addressed.

6.2  Communications Matrix

Here copy the Table and Change data in side about your personal idea  related at my project    for example how can you do it please do same format ( Who /What ?why /How ?when )









Delivery Method


Delivery Frequency


Person (s) Responsible
Client Working Group (Including Sponsors) General Status Update To establish and maintain weekly touch point on major items throughout the project. Email Weekly Project manager
Client Working Group (Including Sponsors) Review of ongoing items To establish and “block out” a time on everyone’s calendar to review deliverables, highlight any changes or approvals, cover outstanding items, and bring up tasks within the near future. Conference call Weekly Project manager
Client CFO Consolidate books and review billing/invoicing Ensure bills are paid on time, and provide an opportunity to keep key client parties satisfied Email (conf. call or in person if needed) Monthly Project manager
Client CEO (or chief contact) Project (high-level) update Keep the CEO happy, make sure he’s aware that the project is progressing, and celebrate key victories (early deliveries, value generated, etc.) Email Monthly or Quarterly Senior management
Department managers Resource update Notify & coordinate with department managers regarding the human resources that will be needed to accomplish upcoming tasks Email One week prior to task Kickoff Project coordinator
Internal project team Status / Pulse update Notify the team on any upcoming tasks, key deliverables, changes, delays, or other pertinent items pertaining to the project. Email Weekly Project manager
Project manager Client update of key issues, and word on the street Keep the project manager apprised of any underlying issues they should know about the client, as well as demonstrating what they’re doing to provide value and enhance the client relationship on their own. Email Weekly Project coordinator
Client Working Group Change or Status update To notify and or, update the client on any changes to timeline, task delays, or deadlines impacted by slowed progress Email (call or in person if needed) Ongoing Project manager


7      Project Quality Management

Fort the MHC, there will be two dedicated resources for quality assurance and two dedicated resources for quality control with a connected but indirect relationship to the project manager. This will assure that the tasks associated are accomplished per the set of requirements assigned, and are completed at a certain level of quality acceptable for the university.

8      Project Organization

8.1  Organization Chart


Here do the change the  items to  the  items in screenshot



8.2  Project Roles & Responsibilities

Senior Management:

Finance Director – This position reports directly to the University President and Chief Financial Officer. They are responsible for all financial aspects of the project, including source funding from different avenues, monitoring and controlling project costs, and setting a financial forecast for future operating revenues and expenses.

Physician Lead – This position will eventually transfer into the Chief Medical Officer position of the MHC, however, during the MHC project, will serve as the senior medical lead for all aspects of construction. The Physician lead will oversee the development of ancillary services and recruitment of physicians to serve the student and surrounding community.

Professor Lead – This position will be responsible for creating and aligning the prospective coursework to be offered by the University in partnership with the operational aspects of the MHC. They will be responsible for coordinating with the Physician lead and Finance director for setting tuition costs, and ensuring the educational opportunities do not interfere with daily operations at the MHC.



Project Management:

Project Manager – The Project manager is the single person responsible for the planning and execution of the MHC project.

Project Coordinator – This position is responsible for assisting in the execution of several tasks as well as coordinating activities in the MHC project. This position reports directly to the Project Manager, and may lead, monitor, or report on numerous key tasks on the critical path.

Project Administrator – This position reports directly to both the Project Coordinator and Project Manager throughout the MHC project. This person is responsible for coordinating and monitoring several key elements, tasks, timelines, and deliverables for the overall project.

Project Services:

Analyst – The project analyst is part of a three-person team, and is responsible for the technical, human, and financial elements in numerous tasks throughout the project. The Analyst reports directly to the project manager, and is responsible for coordinating with internal resources as needed throughout their task.

Engineer – The engineer is part of a two-person team, and is responsible for the physical design and execution of the construction tasks within the MHC. The engineer reports directly to the Project Manager who works with the Site Foreman directly.


Site Foreman – The Site Foreman is the construction lead on the MHC project, and is responsible for the overall execution of the renovation or reconstruction of the MHC. The Site foreman works directly with the Finance Director and Physician Lead to ensure all tasks and building related elements, standards, and procedures are met and followed correctly.

Quality Assurance – The Quality Assurance team is responsible to ensure the requirements are correct, and that the resources responsible in the planning and controlling tasks have captured the goals and desires for the MHC’s project outcome accurately. The QA team works with the Project Manager to ensure task completion.

Quality Control – The Quality Control team is responsible for verifying that the tasks in the MHC are done correctly, and that the overall goals of the project were met. The QC team works with the Project Manager, but does not serve as a direct report.


Answer Preview…………….

As an institution of learning focused on the provision of education that aligns with 21st century advancements and progression, replacing all hardware components at the data center and updating all the software are pertinent to Marymount University’s continued triumph. The need for advancement as the education sphere morphs necessitates this project. Additionally, the university is aggressively advancing into the online learning spectrum, which further justifies the……………………….

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