Identify an ethical issue that you believe you are likely to encounter (or have previously encountered) in your career to date.

Identify an ethical issue that you believe you are likely to encounter (or have previously encountered) in your career to date.

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Introduction to the Task

by Marissa EdwardsMarissa Edwards

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Task Description

As you are aware by now, managers in organisations are confronted with ethical issues and concerns frequently. These can include issues with an ethical dimension, such as corporate social responsibility, or different forms of deviant behaviour, such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. Despite evidence that ethical issues are prevalent in work settings, business graduates frequently report that they feel ill-equipped to deal with ethical concerns. Many in the media have raised questions about how ethics is taught in university settings and argued that business schools need to do more to ensure that students are more prepared to manage ethical issues when they arise.

Two of the major learning objectives of this course are for you to: (1) Demonstrate knowledge of the practical challenges of managing ethical dilemmas and deviance in the workplace; and (2) Critically reflect on your own values and behaviours and your role as an agent of positive ethical change. In other words, it is important that you understand some of the challenges/difficulties of managing ethical issues in organisations, and also consider how you might prepare to manage these issues effectively in future. While you have already engaged in some reflection in different assessments already, it is hoped that completing this assignment will encourage you to think more deeply about anticipated ethical issues, and how you can increase your readiness to manage such situations.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how a contemporary ethical issue may affect you in your current OR future role in the workplace. Specifically, you will need to discuss your current or future work position and identify one major ethical issue that you have faced, or will likely face, in your role. You are free to choose an issue discussed in the course (e.g., discrimination, sexual harassment, advertising ethics, cross-cultural ethical decision-making, corporate social responsibility, whistle-blowing, etc.) or choose one from the scholarly literature. Following this, you need to identify some of the challenges involved in managing this issue and formulate an action plan to help prepare you to manage the issue in future.

The essay should be approximately 1300 words in length (+/- 10%).

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this assignment are to help you:

Be able to identify likely ethical issues (and associated challenges) that you will need to manage in your career

Learn how to search for and apply evidence from the scholarly literature to analyse your chosen ethical issue

Develop an action plan that you can use to increase the likelihood that you will manage your chosen ethical issue effectively in future

Further develop your written communication skills

Writing Your Essay

by Marissa EdwardsMarissa Edwards

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Writing Your Essay

In order to complete the assignment successfully, you should make sure that you complete the following tasks. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and you should ensure that you read the marking rubric too:

Make sure that you have listened to the recordings and reviewed the slides from seminars. You should also reflect on what you have learnt throughout the course about managing ethical issues.

Identify an ethical issue that you believe you are likely to encounter (or have previously encountered) in your career to date. Make sure that you can explain how this issue is particularly relevant to your work context (e.g., your industry, role, etc). Here, you need to demonstrate why you need to know how to manage this issue and support this idea with research evidence.

Research your chosen ethical issue to identify its prevalence and implications for organisations.

Conduct more research to identify some of the challenges associated with managing this issue. For example, one challenge that is frequently mentioned in the whistle-blowing research is that some organisations have poorly written policies about when and how employees should engage in whistle-blowing. This is also a frequent concern with respect to managing sexual harassment. In other cases, policies may be effectively written but they may not be followed correctly, or sometimes managers do not have a good understanding of the policy and how it should be used.

In this section, you should consider your personal context and explain how this may affect how you manage the issue. For example, you may be working in a national culture or society with norms that make managing the issue more challenging.

Following this, you should formulate an ethics action plan. Specifically, your plan should consist of three actions you can take to prepare yourself to manage the ethical issue effectively in future. This should include some identification of relevant gaps in your knowledge, skills and/or experience that could be improved. For example, if you have never undertaken unconscious bias awareness training, research suggests that this could limit your ability to manage certain ethical issues at work. Therefore attending such training is a logical and appropriate action to propose. You should be able to support your proposed actions with evidence from the scholarly literature and your own reflections and/or observations about yourself (if relevant).

If you wish to write a detailed plan, this can be included in the Appendix. This plan should not be more than 1 (A4) page long.

Read the Marking Rubric carefully and refer to it regularly while writing your report. Make sure that you structure your report appropriately and proofread thoroughly.


Requirements: 1300

Subject: Masters Business


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