Identifying Control Variables

Identifying Control Variables

Write: In your initial post of at least 550 words, using Practice 7.2 on pages 165-166 of your course text, complete the following:

  • Identify the dependent variable (DV), independent variables (IV), and unit of analysis.
  • Propose two control variables (CVs).
  • Explain the logic behind your proposed CVs.

(DO the practice questions)*******

Independent Variables  Control Variables

Answer Preview…………….

  1. As the proportion of votes for the incumbent in a Congressional election increases, the number of challengers that incumbent faces in the next election should decrease.
  • DV: Number of challengers
  • IV: Proportion of votes
  • Unit of analysis: Election and number of voters revolve around a candidate’s popularity. Therefore, the unit of analysis here is the level of popularity of the incumbent……………………

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