IEP Goals Homework

IEP Goals Homework


After completing the Gibb & Dyches workbook and viewing the presentations on Writing IEP Goals and Objectives, you will use the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) example of Elli to write 3 standards-based goals specific to Reading and Decoding (SOLs 2.5–2.10) acting as if this Annual Review is occurring at the beginning of Elli’s 2nd grade year.

The forms that have to be filled out are attached as well as the reading.

Answer Preview…………….

Offered direct instructions, Eli will have a journal in which she will be writing some at least 150 words per day all through her 2nd-grade class. This is to improve her writing and spelling skills. She will be entitled to involve a set of vocabulary to enhance her vocabulary grasp. This will increase her spelling by 20 percent from the prior assessment of 35 percent, from checkpoint which is done quarterly in every year………………

APA 439 words

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