If there is an impact to the organization in terms of cost or resources, try to identify those and try to be as specific as you can.

Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on Business: a Case Study of Patents

In this assignment, you will write a 6 page single spaced paper regarding a topic relevant to Management Information Systems.

The paper should be written as a business communication ‘position paper’ rather than an academic style. The difference between a business style and an academic style is subtle but generally you should follow the following principles:

Make your case with the perspective of the impact to the organization. Are you addressing organizational risk? a new value proposition?

It’s OK to state an opinion but back it up with data and light referencing. You do not have to be as formal as an academic paper and you can reference publications. Be careful that you don’t just state an opinion or that your sources are too skewed or biased.

If there is an impact to the organization in terms of cost or resources, try to identify those and try to be as specific as you can.

The paper is a business style ‘position paper’ where you are trying to influence the direction of the organization. Don’t just re-iterate material you’ve uncovered or state an opinion without supporting it with facts and data.

Obviously, you should have an opinion about the topic. Pretend you are writing it for your boss. What would s/he want to know. Is there an actionable strategy or direction?

Make sure you are as specific as you can.

A business communication should have the following components:

  1. Front Matter – Please add a heading with your name, the name of the assignment, the date etc. For longer papers, please include a table of contents.
  2. Introduction (or sometimes called an Executive Summary) – Clearly state the objective up front. Sometimes a one or two paragraphs summarizing the paper are helpful. I call this the executive summary.
  3. Main body – In the body of the paper, state your perspective (which can be an opinion) but be careful to cite data, references and sources. Unlike an academic paper, you can use less formal sources like news papers, magazine articles, web sites etc. but be careful to look at the veracity and quality of the source. For example, the Wall Street Journal is a good source but the New York Post might not be. Blogs in general are not acceptable but there could be exceptions if they are not merely opinion mills.
  4. Summary – Finally, summarize your position at the end in a brief statement. Here you can also make recommendations.term paper topic:Intellectual property issues


Paper Topic: Intellectual property issues

professor suggestion/comment: I support your topic but it could be easier to do with a more specific focus (e.g. as impacted by Covid-19 etc.)


subject: Management 

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