Immigrants Influencing the USA

Immigrants Influencing the USA

write 550 words essay about the following thesis : (Immigrants positively influence the United States by strengthening the economy, and making the country more diverse.)

no need for quoting or paraphrasing from outer sources at all. Just your own writing writing.

double-spaced, MLA format, 12 point font

Please read the instructions carefully, and try to avoid paraphrasing or quoting from the internet.

MLA style


works cited and cite in text

outline needed

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The United States has become a country of immigrants who have shaped the nation since the arrival of the first newcomers over 400 years ago. Besides affecting the demographic sphere in charge of how the country and its population has become what it is today, immigration has arguably been a contributing factor to the social, economic, and political practices that have laid the foundation to the United States as a nation. Many immigrants, legitimate or illegitimate, from around the world, come to the United States, annually. The U.S. Department of Commerce, 2006 estimates that 1.25 million immigrants arrive per year, translating to 40% of population growth nationally (Table 4). While there are many motivations to enter the U.S., some immigrants usually hope for a better life, whereas..

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