The United States has the highest number of immigrants which is over 40 million, out of that, 11 million of them are in the country illegally.

Immigration in the US


The United States has the highest number of immigrants which is over 40 million, out of that, 11 million of them are in the country illegally.

Please review checklist and outline ( read teacher feed back its attach.

All essays should be typed with 1” margins all around with 11 point font in Times New Roman, Garamond, or Calibri font (note that this 11 pt. font is an exception from the MLA requirements). Please doublespace. Please insert a page number at the bottom of the page (you do not have to # the first page). Please see the directions for each paper regarding page requirements. The Works Cited page is its own page and does not count in the required pages of essay.

Paragraph Structure:

4-6 sentences for the opening paragraph with the thesis statement as the last sentence in the opening paragraph

5-8 sentences in the body of the paper

3-5 sentences in the closing paragraph.

Feed back from the teacher

Compare/Contrast Outline w/thesis

I just can’t tell what research you’ve done–at one point you state 45% but there’s no citation to research or even names given. Make sure you ground this paper in quality research so there’s not just one researcher saying one thing, and another researcher say another. The Weekly Announcement on Week 6 & 7 notes that you’ll need evidence/quotes for this outline–right now I have some vague data points, and no in-text citations to establish where you’ve taken the information. The Reference section is not required but the evidence/quotes are. Per the Outline itself (directions), and the Paper #1_Sample Compare/Contrast directions, it states “You also WILL NEED to add the evidence/research, so you have several weeks where you should be researching the Paper #1_Topics & Research document for your paper. Quotes are required under Evidence/Research in each paragraph on the Compare/Contrast Outline,” this outline should have the research in place and not just a guess. That’s why you’ve got weeks in advance to prepare for this assignment. The Outline itself state “a.Evidence (quote) for item 1:” and states in the directions: “Students will need to research in advance in order to have quality evidence for this outline.”


Answer Preview……………

All over the world, people migrate to other towns, states or countries for different reasons. It could be due to a new job opportunity, to start afresh, running away from something, among others. When people migrate to another country, most of the time, it is driven by education, better opportunities, or escape from their previous habitual countries. When one is trying to escape from their home country, in most cases, it is due to the bad state there are in, and they end up entering their chosen country illegally. In line with this most people associate the United States with better opportunities, better, a life which leads to most of the people migrating to America.  Around 40 million of the people in the country are immigrants, and those who have gotten in America illegally are around 11 million…………

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