Immigration Reform

3 page paper on immigration reform, MLA with works cited page, two sources

specifically on the process of obtaining visas and citizenship, stating the process is lengthy and difficult and a reform could help with the illegal immigrant population

This is an opinion paper but also needs to state an opinionated solution. The solution to immigration reform being reforming the process of visas and citizenship to reduce illegal immigration.





preview of the answer..

Illegal immigration has been on the rise in the United States as many people continue to infiltrate the country by any means possible. The topic has been discussed on most platforms with some arguing that reforms are required while others hold that the immigrants should be deported. The extent of immigration may only be addressed through changes that encourage correct procedures for living in the country (Czaika and Hein De Haas 487). The immigrants should be given a chance to live healthy lives and contribute positively to the nation through …

944 words APA

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