Impact of PV penetration on the bus voltages

Impact of PV penetration on the bus voltages

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The stability of voltage has to be taken care to avoid significant problem occurred, such
as voltage sag. Besides, the installation of PV can produce different PV penetrating rate, which
indirectly affects the voltage stability. This studies on the voltage stability problems integration
of photovoltaic to IEEE-14 bus networks. In this research project, NVSI used to find the weak
bus for injection of three-phase fault for fault analysis. The faulted bus was mitigated by using
the photovoltaic system.
The possibility to promote and encourage the exploitation of RES based distributed
generation systems. In fact, the grid is able to accept a significant contribution from PV systems
up to 37.53MW at LV level and up to 21.89MW at MV level without violations of grid limits
(i.e., transformer overload, cable ampacity, and voltage raise). These results can be reached
because of low energy demands of end-users connected to the analyzed sub-grid. Consequently,
the high level of PV penetration at the LV level yields the possibility of installing a large number
of domestic/residential prosumer (with small PV size) potentially connected to the grid.
Similarly, the high level of PV penetration at MV level encourages the installation of a
significant number of medium size PV plant to supply small and medium enterprises potentially.
This condition is particularly favorable in this part of Middle-East where the installation costs of
PV modules is significantly lower than ones in Europe (e.g., Italy). A supporting program of this
initiative through feed-in tariff or another incentive (e.g., green certificates) can also represent a
further driver for a large diffusion of RES in this area. The lessons learned in another European
country (e.g., Italy) should be taken into account both to avoid possible market distortion and to
prevent PV investment based only on financial purpose rather than energy needs.
However, more effective levels of PV penetration could be reached if a higher desirable
level of energy consumption that is related to an increase of social welfare was developed in the
next future. Similarly, a higher level of PV penetration can be reached through a smart grid
approach where the inclusion of smart devices (e.g., smart inverters) and storage units can create
a smart infrastructure to manage and control the energy fluxes into the grid.



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