The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employees’ Innovation

The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employees’ Innovation

Essay revision. I have done most of it except conclusion part. total 3000words.

this is an academic essay (should be critical and analytical)

title: The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employees’ Innovation

Help to modify the essay, add some transition words, and adjust paragraph structure and content to make the article more logical

facebook has been used as a case and use Schein’s model theory to analyze the implications of Organizational Culture for Employees’ Innovation and how Organizational Culture affects Employees’ Innovation.

All analysis and arguments need to be backed up by academic literature.
the reference should be more than 30. The format requirement for references is Harvard.
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organizational culture  Essay Revision



Hi, before we begin, I think there are some important points.

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1.The essay should be more than 30 references [All analysis and arguments (except the description of the Facebook)need to be supported by academic literature]. The format requirement for reference is Harvard.

I already have some literature, and I hope you can add more, especially in the case analysis section (I don’t have reference in this part), because all argument and analysis need to be based on academic literature.

2.I already done most of it except the conclusion part. Conclusion part should comprise personal reflection, solution, limitations. And these content also need to be backed up by references. You can see the detail in the outline.

3.I hope you can help me add some transition words between the paragraphs. And also modify the structure of paragraph as well as content.( including sub-headings, beginning sentences and mini conclusions in each section, everything)

4.Keeping descriptive bits to a minimum. The essay should be critical.



and this is the essay (draft saved as ob). I don’t have reference in the case analysis, I hope you can add some for me. thanks so much.


in the case analysis part, we need to use Schein’s model theory. you can revise according to the outline. Appreciate!


You helped me revise the essay few months ago, which is very good. I am looking forward to your revision and help me draw a conclusion. thank you



his is an example essay (con 75 file). You can look at its structure. Then I think you can revise my article a lot, maybe. just think of it as a draft.

Answer Preview…………….


With the continuous updating of science and technology and the advent of the Internet era, the surviving environment of the organization has become severe and unpredictable, which brings massive risks and intense contest. In such a dynamic environment, only those companies that can create unique products or fresh ideas can gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Cefis and Marsili, (2006, p.641), point out that innovation ability should be regarded as the core competitiveness of a company because innovation ability and constant creativity have become key factors for the success of an enterprise. According to Li and Zheng, (2014, p. 446), the innovative atmosphere of organizational culture has a direct impact on the promotion of…………

APA 4483 words

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