Impact of Technology on Music Industry

Impact of Technology on Music Industry


Over the years, one of the main focuses of the Humanities has been the “struggles” of many of the historical figures and all that they had to go through to become the giants that they were destined to be. Some of these figures suffered from mental illness, depression, and drug addiction. They had to overcome a number of obstacles. Overall, they suffered as they created the art that we have come to know and love. Some of those figures include, Vincent van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley. In addition to struggling with their personal demons, some of these artists were only recognized posthumously (after their deaths).

Many would argue that today’s artists, entertainers, and writers have to face few struggles, if any. Today’s entertainers became overnight sensations because of vehicles like YouTube and shows like The Voice and American Idol. Instead of spending years as a “starving artist,” one million views on YouTube can catapult a virtual unknown person into the spotlight. Once a video goes viral on the Internet, life for the featured “star” of that video will forever be changed.

In light of today’s technology, is there such a thing as a “struggle” anymore? Explain your reasoning by giving examples.


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Over the years, the use of technology is improving the music industry to a varied degree of success to its users. Technological advances have brought about platforms such as social media with which people can interact and get information. Social media has also become a platform with which people gain fame from. Thanks to the mobile technologies along with the social media platforms that the road to fame is changing over the years and helping many artists including musicians in getting the attention they want and deserve while also winning a fan base in the process (Thorley, 2016). It’s unlike in the past where for a musician to succeed they had to go through the face of struggling with agents and trying to get their music played. Social media has provided a platform where musicians can get to fans easily without necessarily going through the struggles of before of involving agents as they seek to have their music played. Technology continues evolving entertainment with the continued………….

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