Impacts of Social Media on Traditional Communication

Impacts of Social Media on Traditional Communication


For Out of class essay #5, choose an area of online social media and explore
how it has altered the way people had traditionally communicated. Some
compelling examples could be the different ways people meet, develop
friendship and even fall in love. You could explore how people today acquire
information, learn new skills and concepts and become informed about world
events you could investigate how careers are formed using this technology
and how one rises up the "virtual" corporate ladder in the computer age,
which is much more far-reaching than the industrial revolution of the late 19th
century. Talk to a farmer in a rural province in China (and you can using a
smart phone) about how much rice is going for on the open market. Further,
you may examine how the technology has made us more creative in areas of
art, photojournalism, music and language. No matter what facet of the social
media and the internet you choose to deconstruct (break apart and analyze
from different angles) you have to consider the negative and dark side as well.
After all, the on-line digital world is not all lollipops and roses. Consider how
our privacy has been compromised online and how strangers could gain
access to the most confidential and intimate details of our lives. It has been a
free for all for people to just blurt it out without concern for others' feelings or
sensibilities, a haven for bullies a la Trump, leading to a total breakdown of
civil discourse. While we can revel in how the internet has provided us with a
tool for creative self-expression, it has at the same time put into jeopardy our
most cherished and fundamental rights under the first amendement of the
constitution. Research paper has to be 1650 words


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Introduction. In current days, people mostly interact, collaborate, and share content through a variety of online communication channels that form the social media collectively. The interactions also form an online community that represents communication functions. In this context, Facebook is one of the popular social media sites that promote virtual interaction between people from different parts of the world. The advancements in technology over the years have led to the massive production of smartphones to replace computers in the sense of online communication. Therefore, smartphones prove to be more beneficial than computers because of easy usability, and they also perform cell phone functions. “So we must recognize and celebrate innovation in its own context” (Colombo, Cullen, and Lisle Bonnie 220). Their increase in the market marked the end of traditional cell phones. Consequently, applications such as Facebook mobile were developed to allow social media access through smartphones. Globally, most people can access social media at any time and from any location. The popularity of Facebook changed how people communicated traditionally, and it contributes to various social and economic developments because of the networks that are established. However, it is also important to explore some of the negative impacts that the site has on the users………………

APA 1752 words

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