Importance of Education

Importance of Education


In this module you will begin writing the outline for your term paper to be completed over the next three weeks.

For Task 6, you will collect five research articles, create a References page in APA format, and write a substantial 1-2 page outline for your research paper.

Complete the Outline Template

This week you will begin the research process and submit Part 1 of a substantial outline of your paper. See the Research Paper Outline Template. The template will assist you with developing a line of inquiry into your selected topic.

Brainstorm by answering the initial questions on your topic as indicated on the outline template. Open the template, save it as your draft, and answer each question in Part 1.

Perform and collect research. Using Google, Google scholar, and and/or the Library Information Resource Network (LIRN) identify five legitimate articles related to your topic. Skim the articles so you have a sense of the information and/or argument each offers and how you will use it to answer your research questions. List these five sources in APA format on Part 2 of the outline template.

Submit Part 1 of your outline to Moodle. Note: You will continue using the same worksheet next week for Week 7/Part 2.

Answer preview…………..

My topic is importance of education. My interest on the importance of education started with seeing how young people take education for granted (“Education should not be taken for granted, students should value their time in classes”, 2019). Most of them feel like they are imprisoned hence they do not actively or eagerly try to understand the importance of education.

They do not value and appreciate education because they have diluted it with other frolicsome activities. This has blinded them from seeing the basics and where they should place……….

APA 477 words

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