Distinguish between fact and opinion as they are expressed in a variety of viewpoints.

Importance of Evidence in Research


This discussion relates to your readings of both chapters 4 and 5. You have all of weeks
8 and 9 to complete the task, but don’t leave it to the last minute. The purpose of the
discussion is to help you reflect on the use of statistics in inductive arguments.
This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:
2) Distinguish between fact and opinion as they are expressed in a variety of viewpoints.
4) Establish coherent and complete positions on both sides of various controversies.
This is primarily a participation-based assignment. You are required to answer ONE of
the following questions and respond to ONE answer given by a different student (to a
different question) given by another student.
1. What is an example of the use of statistics to make predictions and decisions in
our daily lives?
2. How is a sample classified as biased? Why is a biased sample not useful as
evidence to support a conclusion?
3. What are two questions to ask about a sample to determine whether it is
4. What is the difference between a fact and a statistical generalization?
5. Explain the statement: "The strength of a conclusion is based on the quality of
evidence used to support the conclusion." Use examples in your explanation.
6. Are there cases when a small sample can provide sufficient research data?
Explain your answer.
7. How does a sample from a controlled study differ from a sample from a poll? Use
an example of each in your explanation.
8. How does a control group help us to evaluate the significance of the data
gathered from a study? Be specific.
9. How are blind and double-blind studies used to guard against bias?
10. Discuss several ways that reasoning by analogy is useful



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