Important Tasks in Developing a Proposal

Class, as you can see the proposal process is complex and highly integrated. It contains many steps that the proposal team must conduct to turn in a responsive, compliant proposal to the customer, the government. In summary, they include  1. revisit bid decision; 2. Conduct high-level solution development; 3. Select internal team; 4. Establish external team; 5. Develop proposal outline; 6. Assign person to each outline section; 7. Prepare customer questions; 8. Develop and document technical and management solutions; 9. Develop and document any other proposal sections; 10. Develop oral proposal; 11. Develop price proposal; 12. Develop contracts volume; 13. Review proposal; and 14. Produce and deliver proposal to customer.
Discuss two of these tasks and how they contribute to the success of developing a winning proposal.

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