Improving Democracy in the UK

Improving Democracy in the UK

Asses the various measures other than electoral reform that have been suggested to improve democracy in the UK (25 marks) should be roughly 2 pages long essay format

The mark scheme is attached, please include all those points as well as others not listed in the mark scheme

Please evaluate (pros and cons) all the points made and included examples/statistics


refs and cite


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Several measures to improve democracy have been suggested. It is, however, vital to assess their credibility. Increasing the use of referendums has several implications. In support of using polls, supporters argue that the referendum process enhances the level of education and the direct participation of the public in important decisions. They can be used to solve political problems where the incumbent government is divided in its opinion towards an issue. Referendums can reach a solution without dividing the ruling party. There are shortcomings associated with this measure. Referendums weaken representative democracy by undermining the power of elected officials (Hodge, 1991). The referendum process is also long and as such.

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