Increasing innovation.Postbureaucracies.Globalization

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Period: FALL15-C-8

Increasing innovation.Postbureaucracies.Globalization.Expanded leisure.Job redesign.Workplace experimentation. These are just a few of the concepts swirling around in our workplace futures. Consider your chosen (or likely) field of work. Identify and discuss how two or three of these future changes discussed in Chapter 17 might influence the nature of your work and career.

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In future, I would like to work as a marketing executive for a global corporation. The reason behind this dream is to be in a position to make new connections, which enable me improve both my professional and cultural knowledge. In the near future, marketing will undergo immense changes, thanks to globalization and innovation.

            At the moment, marketers coming up a marketing strategy that focusses on a specific target market. Here, the strategy must ensure to incorporate

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