Find the definition of Addiction “for the Public”

Week One Questions

Using the textbook and class notes, answer the following questions.

Ksir, C., Hart, C., Ray,O.  Drugs, Society and Human Behavior, Twelfth Edition. McGraw Hill Publisher


Week one

  1. Define the term drug:
  2. What is the term for drugs that alter consciousness, thought processes, mood or behavior?
  3. List the drug categories by effect. Give examples for each.
  4. List the drug categories by legal definition (the text calls it “major types of commonly abused drugs”). Give examples for each.
  5. Define and give examples for

Licit Drugs


Illicit Drugs


  1. Where do we get our information about alcohol/drug tobacco use? Note what sources the textbook uses when giving statistics and demographics about current trends. (Especially charts on pages 26-31, Chapter 1)

Sources of Information: Go to the websites for the following: name the organization, what information can you find at the site











The following are reflection papers to complete week one.


  1. Reflection Paper: find the definition of Addiction “for the Public”; read and summarize this article in your own words. Does this definition make sense? Do you agree with this explanation of addiction? Why or why not? American Society of Addiction Medicine: The “for the public” Definition of Addiction



  1. Reflection Paper: Find the DSM IV and DSM V definitions of abuse and addiction. Explain the difference between the 2 approaches to defining abuse/addiction. Use the information from chapter 2 in the textbook and

preview of the answer..

According to this article, addiction is defined as a primary, chronic illness of brain reward, memory, motivation and related circuitry. The dysfunction in these circuits usually leads to the physiological, biological, spiritual and social manifestations. The article goes on to say that various factors such as genetic, repeated engagement with drugs, cognitive and affective distortions..

APA 885 words

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