Influence Tactics Revision

Influence Tactics Revision

There is no in text citation for the source below. Please highlight where you made the change in the paper.

Kopan, T. (2017). Trump’s executive orders dramatically expand power of immigration officers. Retrieved from…

Also, which of the sources are you trying to use in the paragraph below? You have two of them together.


Trump also uses persuasion to influence his followers. Being a political leader in a democratic country, people only vote for the leaders that convince them that they are good enough. In his campaign, the president had to persuade people that he was better than his opponent. Therefore, he used various persuasion techniques to ensure that as many people as possible voted for him (Watson, 2017; Oc, & Bashshur, 2013).

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Coalition Formation as Most Effective Tactic Look at the sentence below. It seem a little off to me.

Nevertheless, the party membership limits the president to acting within the values of the party?

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