Influencing Strategic Decisions

Influencing Strategic Decisions

Need edits and improvements made to attached paper analyzing and qualifying risk. Please see professors notes and make corrections based on the feed back

Please see the attached “Example” paper. Your paper should have looked very similar to it in form, layout, and format. Please also see the second attachment that includes the 14 “Elements” that all of your papers should include. For example, please always have a cover/title page that looks nearly exactly like the example (yours does. Hooray!). In the body of your paper, you should always include an introductory paragraph and Conclusion paragraph that uses as an example those two paragraphs as shown in File 4 in the Course Resources panel. Your introductory paragraph is not a good one and is more “Background” than a “roadmap” of your paper. Delete the use of the subheading “Introduction” and never use it again per the APA Manual. A Conclusion paragraph is non-existent in your paper. Use Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 bold headings/subheadings (you show Level 2 bold subheadings but they should be flush left on the page, not centered). For your list of References, please follow the example reference entries shown in the Example paper. I would like to see a definite improvement on your next U5GP paper. In summary, you have problems with your (a) Abstract paragraph should not be indented but a square paragraph, (b) Title of your paper at the top-center of page 3 should be bold; delete the bold “Introduction” subheading, (c) Please learn how to use the Page Break tool for your pages 2 and 9, (d) paper title should use the same words in the Header of your pages, in the information block, and at the top of your first body text page, (e) need an introductory paragraph patterned after the example in File 4 in the Course Resources panel, (f) do not use the Tab Key for paragraph indentations as you did, (g) Level 2 bold subheadings should all be flush left on the page, (h) some of your paragraphs may be too long; divide them into two shorter paragraphs each, (i) please learn how to use the Page Break tool immediately following the Conclusion paragraph, (j) no Abstract indented; not good, and (k) reference entries (several problems).



edits  analyzing and quantifying risk

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EPA has the role to ensure there is focus on the risks that face the community and the implementation of the strategies that help in responding to the radiological, biological and chemical disasters. The focus on the incidents taking place is important as this ensures there is analysis of the changes in the environment and the planning measures that help in responding to the disasters. The need to focus on the allocation of the budgets is important as this creates the change in the operation of the environment and the implementation of strategies that are……………

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